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Matura Certificate

The Matura Certificate is a pre-requisite for acceptance into Swiss universities and other international tertiary establishments without a written entrance exam. Generally, students will obtain the Matura after the 12th year of schooling.

Gymnasial Matura

Matura offers academic foundations to prepare its students for direct entry to universities. The gymnasium leads to the Matura graduation, the highest tier of middle school education. Approximately 20% of youth attain the Matura every year. The gymnasial Matura is required and sufficient (except for medicine, where the number of students is restricted) for Swiss students to study at a university or a federal institute of technology irrespective of their subject choice.

Bilingual Matura

The bilingual "German-English" Matura is an offer for all our internationally oriented students. As a Benedictine boarding school, we have been committed to innovation for almost 1400 years. Our students want and can prepare as well as possible for the challenges of future studies. That is why we are the first high school in the canton of Grison to offer the bilingual "German-English" Matura.



The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) belongs to Switzerland's highest tier of middle school education. Many national and global universities highly recognize the graduates of the Swiss Matura. With the fulfilment of academic, language, and age requirements, we are more than happy to invite you to be part of our GKD family.


The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) emphasizes small class teaching and possesses a wide range of subjects, such as Languages (German, Romansh or Italian, French, English), Mathematics & natural sciences, Economics & Law
and Music.


The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) offer a "Boarding FULL-YEAR-START" programme for international students. Please find out more details.



Thank you for your enquiry!

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