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  1. Average score through all subjects ≥85 points and no single subject under 80 points of the best possible mark in the country's / the school's system. (For other systems, special rules will apply.)

  2. The Candidate's current High School is among the best in regional and country ranking and assessed by Swiss eduGLOBE.

  3. Participating at a Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. Visiting & Information Days (VIDs, personal invitation only) so an individual assessment by the experienced Swiss eduGLOBE and GKD High School representatives.

  4. Completion of the 9th school year with a minimum starting age of 14-15 at begin of the 1st term. (For exceptions, enquire with Swiss eduGLOBE).

  5. Positive results in the Swiss eduGLOBE overall assessment, so as (but not limited to) the Candidate's willingness and ability to live away from home, the desire to integrate, work hard, and comply with all rules, parental commitment to support the schooling and education process.

  6. Certificate German B1 to be fulfilled before entering the program.

Admission: Zulassungen
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