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The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) boasts a structured daily routine that cultivates focused learning in a supportive academic environment. Guided study periods also allow further educational progress, while initiative groups provide a dedicated space to explore and nurture specific academic interests. The student schedule also will enable students to pursue leisure and sporting activities.

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The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) recognises that learning abilities differ according to the individual. As a result, the school offers students the ability to study individually and in group environments. Students can collaborate with their peers in the Susurro room, where learning in groups is welcome and encouraged (Susurro means whispering). Meanwhile, the Silentium room is available for students who prefer to study alone in silent surroundings.


The study is an essential aspect of the boarding school’s daily routine. Consequently, guided study periods are scheduled every afternoon and evening:

  • 12.35pm – 1.15pm

  • 5.30pm – 6.30pm

  • 7.30pm – 8.30pm

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