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A safe environment in the Swiss Alps

The facility itself and the environment where you have to feel comfortable also play an essential role. The school's main building over the town of Disentis and the modern building act as a counterweight to the baroque Monastery without diminishing its dominance as a landmark of Disentis and the surrounding area.

Two modern school buildings, connected to the Monastery by elegant passerelles, are the heart of the campus. In addition, there is the boys' boarding school in the main building of the Monastery and the girls' boarding school 20 steps from the Monastery's main entrance, which is an award-winning house by star architect Gion Caminada.

There is a large soccer field on a high plateau, the legendary Lindenplatz and various smaller places linger around the area. The fresh air and the pure nature around the facility encourage dreams and merge the school and leisure.

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