Our Competence Is Your Asset

Swiss eduGLOBE offers an extensive range of educational services, including:

  • An intensive German Course with B1 Diploma (required for access to GKD High School).

  • Structured assessments for candidates at foreign middle and high schools, required for access to Swiss boarding schools.

  • A network of regional representatives, dedicated to providing students and parents further information about the Swiss eduGLOBE programme, and direct contact with its Swiss partner schools.

  • Summer and Winter School submission.

  • Exchange programmes and GAP-year opportunities.

  • Intercultural development, including student communication in a variety languages wherever possible.

Swiss eduGLOBE also hosts a range of events aimed at connecting students and their parents with its associated programmes and schools, including:

  • Visiting and Information days.

  • Parent visits.

  • An International Education Forum for Principals.

  • Meetings with schooling staff and government representatives.

Parents - In the Monastry-Hotel

While accompanying, adults cannot participate in school activities on or off campus, they are warmly welcome in the hotel and restaurant located within the Monastery.

Swiss eduGLOBE is happy to provide parents with travel suggestions and plans for alternate activities.

Visit: www.kloster-hotel.ch