Why Disentis Abbey School GKD?

Social Competence and Individuality

The » Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) boasts a long and prestigious educational history spanning nearly 1,400 years. The school utilises a value-based education system based on the principles of St. Benedict to maintain and preserve its commitment to academic excellence.

GKD is a small school, offering small class sizes for optimal educational impact. We recruit top calibre students from around the world, offering them a substantial selection of both major and supplementary subjects within the Swiss syllabus. 

What do we offer?

  • A three to four year development programme over the course of either 45 & 52 weeks.

  • Small, personalised classes taught by experienced professionals.

  • An intercultural education with a focus on linguistic competence in a multicultural environment. 

  • A Matura qualification, resulting in exam-free entrance to Swiss universities and other leading universities around the world for reduced tuition fees.

  • A safe and secure environment amidst the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

  • Fresh air and pure water for a healthy body and soul. 

Values, Structures, Perspectives

Swiss eduGLOBE provides international students the opportunity to participate in the Swiss schooling system, in particular, the esteemed GKD-High-School and Boarding School.

Thanks to its linguistic proficiency, Swiss eduGLOBE acts as an effective communicator between its affiliated institutions, prospective students and their parents, offering a channel of direct communication for those entering the Swiss academic network.

Students from foreign schools that are Swiss eduGLOBE accredited receive priority consideration when applying for placement at the GKD Boarding School.