Time Schedule


  • Contact with Swiss eduGLOBE or GKD for information.


  • Collect all conditions required for your visa application from Swiss eduGLOBE or GKD High School.


  • Attend at Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. Visiting & Information Days (VIDs, personal invitation only) with a personal assessment from Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. and GKD High School representatives.

  • For details about the next time a Swiss eduGLOBE representative will visit your country, please contact us.

  • Start basic German Lessons in your home country. Early language progression will supplement the German Course starting in February and your overall performance at GKD.


  • Apply for visa. Swiss eduGLOBE will provide you with the required documents.

  • Complete and submit enrolment documents and complete Swiss eduGLOBE German course.

  • Book your flight to Zurich. Swiss eduGLOBE will let you know which day to arrive.


  • Prepare for your trip to Switzerland and Disentis.

German Course: Basic & Advanced >6 Months

  • February

  • Start six month Basic & Advanced German Course.


German Course: Advanced >3 Months

  • May

  • Start three month Advanced German Course

  • German level A2 achieved in home country is mandatory; or

  • First exam, German Level A2, for Basic course participants 

  • July 

  • Complete certificate B1 Level in German by end-July.

  • End of August 

  • Start schooling according to the Swiss education system: integrate bilingual exchanges into daily classes.

  • After GKD commencement: Start additional two-year-follow-up language courses according to the students’ needs in German, English & French.

  • Migration & Visa

The Swiss government guarantees every student who completes a certified B1 Level in German (GOETHE certificate), and demonstrates his capabilities in an interview at the Swiss embassy in their home country, access to Switzerland for their studies.


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Swiss eduGLOBE’s international orientation connects students from around the globe with one of Switzerland’s oldest and most prestigious boarding schools.

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