Feel good in Disentis
Communication with home

  • Exchange students are welcome to communicate with their family and friends via email and text messages. 

  • Students will have free Wi-Fi access while on the GKD campus and its boarding facility.

  • Participation in the student exchange programme is fully sponsored by Swiss eduGLOBE, excluding flight from and to country of origin. 

  • Additionally excluded from the package are activities not organised by Swiss eduGlobe and the GKD High School, as well as travels outside the host area.

  • Students require enough travel money for costs incurred en route to Disentis. If possible, students are encouraged to travel 

  • with a credit card or debit card that allows them additional access to money from home. Please make sure that cards are 

  • activated for use in Switzerland.

Student’s funds should cover the following costs
  • Activities with friends.

  • Individual travel expenses, excluded from the package.

  • Additional expenses for phone, airline baggage, souvenirs etc

  • Outings, excursions and travel

  • Students are only permitted to travel during school-sponsored activities organised and sponsored by the GKD or Swiss eduGLOBE.

  • Permission to travel unaccompanied the host area requires parental permission as per the exchange application form. 

  • Without this permission, students are not permitted to travel outside of the host area.

  • Students may not engage in social outings without the permission of the Head of the Boarding Section, Mr. Hans Müller. 

  • Once permission has been obtained, students must provide information about the venue, the names of the people who will accompany them, 

  • a contact phone number and the time of their return.

Accommodation in the Boarding House 

The GKD High School offers foreign students a unique and immersive boarding experience in the picturesque surrounds of the Swiss Alps. Dedicated staff are on hand to monitor the academic, social and emotional progress of each student at the school. Exchange students are housed in single, ensuite bedrooms. Students are expected to abide by the boarding house rules, 
which will be carefully explained upon arrival by the boarding headmaster.

Academic Programme

Students participating in the exchange programme will continue their school studies at the GKD High School, according to their corresponding academic grading.  Accompanying their bilingual classes are additional music and choir lessons in view of the programme’s planned concert tour of Switzerland.  The GKD High School expects active participation from exchange students in all classes, activities and outings.

Regulations for exchange students 

Students are expected to engage in as many curriculum and co-curricular activities offered by the GKD High School as possible.  Students are expected to abide by all boarding house rules.
Any student found violating the boarding house rules or those of the school will face disciplinary consequences, which may include returning home (at the parent’s expense) before the end of the programme. 

Disentis and the Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis

The Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis is located in the Swiss village of Disentis, a famous historical town in the region of St Gotthard,  at the heart of the Swiss Alps and source of the Rhine River. The village of Disentis lies within the Disentis-Sedrun district, a popular holiday region located in the upper Surselva at the  source of the Rhine, famous for its pristine Alpine surroundings and Romanic culture. The region is renowned for its sporting and leisure activities,  particularly mountain climbing in summer and skiing in winter.

Disentis is also home to the famous Benedictine Monastery, a richly decorated Baroque collegiate church, and the Monastery Museum.  Attached to Benedictine Monastery, is the GKD High School. The roots of both school and abbey date back more than 1,400 years;  the Monastery is among the oldest priories in the world, and the school is one of the oldest high schools in Europe. 

A UNESCO Associated School since 2013

The GKD High School has been a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools network since May 2013. We are proud to be part of this global exchange,  which unites educational institutions from around the world in support of international unity, multicultural understanding and quality education. 


In adopting UNESCO principles, the GKD High School has grown into an academic institution of international value, evolving from its origins as a  boys-only boarding school to become a prominent co-educational institution for students from all corners of the globe.

Our prestigious curriculum culminates in one of the world’s most recognized high school diplomas (A’Level Matura), allowing our students free admission  into highly-ranked Swiss universities and other leading international tertiary institutions. 

GKD works in close cooperation with its international partner, Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd., to ensure students from around the world have the opportunity  to participate in our respected academic programme.