Preparation - GAP Assessment Year

Achieve Your Goals

The opportunity for international exploration is now. The world is smaller, travel is easier and cultural exploration is available to those who seek to find. International study prospects, career opportunities and skills development are now available on a global stage. The world awaits our youth. 

Prepared for life

For centuries, the Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD) academic establishment has extended the opportunity for cultural discovery and educational exploration to young adults seeking to broaden their scholarly and professional abilities on an international stage. 

6 or 12 Month Courses

The GKD School offers 6 and 12 month academic GAP courses for students who seek to familiarise themselves with the GKD High School and its boarding facilities before enrolling in the Matura Programme, or for ambitious academics looking for a springboard for their professional pursuits.

Academic education & Social awareness

The GKD High School is renowned for helping students discover the best version of themselves, promoting balance and well-being in each individual through academic instruction and training in social awareness, cultural etiquette and self-discipline. 

The GKD experience additionally provides students with the opportunity for bi-lingual proficiency while providing an invaluable education in cultural and community awareness, social communication skills, personal responsibility and self-discovery.

GKD’s educational orientation ensures young adults leave the school aware of their personal and professional capabilities, while remaining respectful of their peers and the wider community.

Personal Assessment and Consultation

Students applying for a GAP course at the GKD High School will be assessed on aptitude and interest via personal assessment and consultation. 

The GKD High School’s GAP programme boasts a wide variety of academic courses which aim to complement the educational interests, individual talents and professional objectives of international applicants. 

GKD also offers foreign students additional intensive language courses and lingual support, as well as language certificates from academic programmes like Cambridge, DELF, PLIDA and Goethe.

A Balanced Education

The GKD High School offers students educational opportunities both in and outside the classroom. The school has adopted a curriculum of educational diversity, comprising of academic instruction and co-curricular activities, designed to complement the learning requirements of all students. 

The GKD Boarding faculty offers students a variety of adventure, leisure and sporting activities for participation in the afternoons and evenings and on weekends.

This complementary curriculum is a diverse and balanced educational structure designed to awaken curiosity, encourage exploration, promote discovery and inspire a thirst for knowledge and adventure in each and every GKD student.

Our Strength

At the core of our educational mandate lies a passion for music. Music inspires, music educates and music connects. The conservation of music is an obligatory part of our heritage; it is one of our greatest strengths.

The GKD School is internationally renowned for its choir, which has produced some of the most successful singers and musicians on the Swiss and global choral stage. Our choir consists of 120 singers and is recognised as one of the best scholarly choirs in Switzerland.

Participation in the GKD School choir is mandatory for all students. This obligation additionally extends to students who choose music as an elective subject, particularly those who choose it as a major or supplementary subject. Rehearsals take place during school hours on a weekly basis. Students whose voices are not suitable for the choir must participate in rhythm and band, or theatre courses.

Practice Makes Perfect

No athlete enters the race without prior preparation and training. The same can be said for your professional objectives.

A GAP course at the GKD High School facilitates greatness in its participating students, preparing them for future academic and professional endeavours through educational training and personal development.  

Please contact us for further information about our 6 month or 12 month GAP programmes.

One Year — Or Six Month Stay

Our GAP courses commence in either February or August. International students preparing for enrolment at the GKD boarding school or studying for other academic assessments are invited to apply.

  • GAP courses consist of between eight to 10 different subjects, which can be tailored according to student requirements or assessment targets. 

  • GAP programmes also include winter/summer sporting and leisure activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and much more. 

  • Excursions to renowned cultural and natural landmarks across Switzerland and Europe are additionally included in the GKD GAP programme.

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