School and Boarding Fee. All in one.

School fees per semester                                       CHF 13’450 - per semester


Included                                                                     Lessons / Textbooks / Library Fees / Copying /

                                                                                    Internet / Exam Fees like CAE Exam, DELF Exam etc.

                                                                                    Matura Fees / Administration

Boarding school full-year-START                           CHF 19’050 - per semester


Included                                                                     Seven-day boarding / Single Room with shower/WC

                                                                                    All meals, including afternoon tea

                                                                                    Supervision and Keycarer

                                                                                    Individual homework support

                                                                                    learning support and tutoring by subject teachers

                                                                                    Sport and recreation


                                                                                    School and boarding activities

                                                                                    Spare time adventures




Additional                                                                  2-years-follow-up language courses

                                                                                    Accommodation at the boarding section during all

                                                                                    Breaks (except summer)        

                                                                                    Five overnight stays for parents in the guest area

                                                                                    including board and lodging


School & Boarding all-inclusive

Fees in total per semester                                     CHF 32’500 - per semester