How to Access the 3-4 Years Matura Programme.

Students from the best middle schools over the globe are invited to take part in the 3-4 years Matura Program.

To enter the program several requirements must be fulfilled:

Average score through all subjects ≥85 pct. and no subject under 80 pct. of the best possible mark in the country’s / the school’s system. (For other systems, special rules will apply. 

The Candidate’s actual High School is among the best in regional and country ranking and assessed by Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd.


Participating at a Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. Visiting & Information Days (VIDs, personal invitation only) so a personal assessment by the experienced Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. and GKD High School representatives.


Completion of the 9th school year with a minimum starting age of 14-15 at begin of the 1st term. (For exceptions enquire with Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd.).


Positive results in the Swiss eduGLOBE Ltd. overall assessment, so as (but not limited to) the candidates’willingness and ability to live away from home, the willingness to integrate, to work hard, to comply with all rule, parental commitment to support the schooling and education process.


Certificate German B1 to be fulfilled before entering the program.

MATURA. The Most Prestigious A’Level Diploma.

The Matura Certificate is a pre-requisite for acceptance into Swiss universities and other universities around the world, exam-free. It is generally obtained after the 12th year of schooling.

Students participating in the Matura curriculum typically undertake 13 subjects instead of the usual three to six required from other schooling systems. Students can choose to focus on specific subject areas, however, they are required to compete a series of core studies for qualification. The diploma is achieved via oral and written exams at the end of the year, as well as a project assessment.

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