Information about the Exchange Program in face of the Corona Virus epidemic


In view of the dynamics of the spread of this virus and for security reasons for you

as our guest, the GKD unfortunately has to inform you that the Exchange Program

in March 2020 must be canceled. We kindly ask for your understanding.


We will do everything we can to ensure that you can come to us at a later date. Adél van

Rensburg will help us with the Namibian students and Brigit Penny with the South African


This in coordination with Hans Peter Mark for Swiss eduGLOBE and the Gymnasium &

Internat Kloster Disentis.

The Initiative includes Music and More
  • A musical education from the most famous students’ choir in Switzerland.

  • Participation in the GKD High School bilingual curriculum (conducted in German and English).

  • A concert tour to four cities across Switzerland.

  • A cultural education of the Disentis village and the Swiss Alps.

  • Full boarding with fellow GKD students in a single ensuite room.

Eligible participants must be between the ages of 12 to 17-years-old. This opportunity extends to candidates from GKD High School and Swiss eduGLOBE partner schools. Exchange students will participate in regular classes according to their grade, and stay in the boarding house with fellow GKD boarders. Classes will be conducted in English and German. 

While accompanying adults cannot participate in school activities on or off campus, they are warmly welcome in the hotel and restaurant located within the Monastery. We kindly ask parents to advise us of their accommodation requirements at the Monestary, and suggest they engage in alternate activities, in order to allow children the uninterrupted chance to immerse themselves in the unique opportunities offered by the programme. Swiss eduGLOBE is happy to provide parents with travel suggestions and plans for alternate activities.

Winter exchange packages include
Tuition and guided activities:
  • Regular classes held in English and German as per their usual educational grade.

  • Participation in the renowned GKD choir and intensive musical training for the choir & orchestra tour.

  • A choir tour starting in Disentis and continuing to major churches in Trun, Chur, Zurich and Andermatt.

  • Free time activities.

  • Weekend activities.

  • Visits to major cultural landmarks of Switzerland.

  • A single bedroom within the boarding section of the GKD High School.

  • All rooms have an ensuite bathroom.

  • Boys and girls board in different sections 

Full boarding:
  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon snack

  • Supper

Fees are free-of-charge and include:

The package is sponsored by GKD and Swiss eduGLOBE

  • An invitation letter for visa application (if needed).

  • Collection at Zurich Airport upon arrival and transfer to Disentis by train or shuttle.

  • Transport back to Zurich Airport for departure.

  • Tuition and music / choir education.

  • Supplementary tuition.

  • Learning materials.

  • Accommodation.

  • Full Boarding.

  • All free time activities organised and conducted by the GKD High School / Swiss eduGLOBE

  • Weekend activities organised and conducted by the GKD High School / Swiss eduGLOBE

Not included:
  • Return flight from home country to Zurich.

  • Visa fees (if any).

  • Activities not organized and conducted by the GKD / Swiss eduGLOBE.

  • Personal expenditures.​